My Round 2: P90X / P90X+ Hybrid

This hybrid workout schedule incorporates Beachbody workout programs P90X and P90X Plus. I believe this is a good option for P90X graduates looking for a next step.

Here is my review of each program as I do the first one:

P90X+ Upper+ My first workout I felt like I was going to be sick, which I haven’t felt like since I did my first p90x routine, so it must be a good thing. Also you don’t do 8-10 reps of exercises, you do 90 seconds of everything, which is very hard. It’s not true strength / muscle building routines like you see in the classic p90x because you don’t only do 8-10 reps or take breaks. It’s very very fast paced circuit training. It’s more geared towards muscle sculpting and cardio but it was a lot of fun and still gives you on heck of a workout.

P90X Plus Interval X+ this is a KILLER cardio workout!! It was only 40 minutes long, but I don’t think my heart rate ever dropped below 160. I had a max HR of 181! And in only 40 min I burned 1006 calories! It’s basically 40 minutes straight with only 1 break. Your ‘break’ (recover period) according to Tony is the first interval (20 seconds). That sure wasn’t a ‘break’ / recover period for me, because I felt like I was going to pass out!

ABS/CORE PLUS For those of you who have already mastered ABX, you should try Abs/core+! My first time, I felt like a total newbie again! Think about this.. about half the moves are done with the pullup bar. So you hang, and your legs are at a 45 degree angle and then you do bicycles, and then reverse bicycles. I think it hurt my arms more hanging there than it did my abs. Definitely going to need to work out building the strength for some of those new moves. Also the names of those new moves are crazy. The last one was called something like banana roll cannon ball cherry bomb!

Kenpo Cardio Plus – It’s like the name says, Kenpo karate mixed with cardio. Every move is a combination of arms and legs, and you are always moving. Your attackers always seem to be on opposite sides of the room. It was nice that it was only 40 minutes long, but you are constantly moving and it’s very fast paced. Also contains a lot of new karate moves to get use to, but it gives you a really good calorie burn.

P90X Upper Plus. This dvd works your entire body the entire time! You do power stand push ups, curl/press lunges, yoga moves, pull-ups, and honestly that’s JUST THE WARM UP! Here is one typical move calls 3-3-3, you do 3 weighted squats, 3 power stand push-ups, and 3 pull-ups for 2 minutes straight. And each set you pick a different type of pull-up and different type of push-up.

P90X Worksheets | P90X Plus Worksheets

p90x – p90x plus hybrid schedule (PDF)

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